Kansas Law Enforcement
CIT Council

Using Effective Police Intervention With Individuals Who Are Experiencing Mental Health Crisis

About Us

The Kansas Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Council was established in Johnson County Kansas in 2004. Our council was created for the purpose of forming a partnership between law enforcement, the mental health system, courts, the mentally ill, and their families. The council’s primary mission is to provide training and CIT certification for law enforcement officers based on the CIT model created by the Memphis,Tennessee Police Department in 1988. Our council is represented by local law enforcement officers, mental health professionals, court personnel, and mental health advocates. Through the efforts of our members, we strive to promote education, advocacy, and problem solving in our communities throughout the State of Kansas. Our goal is to reduce dangerous confrontations between citizens in crisis and law enforcement officers, and reduce recidivism and arrests by diverting individuals with mental illness to appropriate community mental health providers.







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